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Cheap Flights to Accra Ghana

Ghana – The Gold Coast of West Cheap Flights to Africa

Few countries in Africa have an appeal that can compare with the attractions of Ghana for this is a country that dazzles you with its historic past and charms you with its natural beauty.

The people of Ghana are known as the people of smiles. In a land of many people, with different languages and tribes, all are drawn together and proud to be Ghanaians. From whichever tribe, they honor their chiefs and royal families and cherish their traditional rites and celebrations. This makes Ghana a special Africa, a special Africa and much more.

Formerly the Gold Coast, Ghana is a young republic that became independent from Britain in 1957, the first black African colony to achieve its independence. Yet European influences left their mark centuries before with power struggles beginning in the 15th century with the Portuguese who built Elmina Castle in 1482 being followed by the Dutch, Swedes, Danes, Prussians and the British looking for gold and ivory.

This intense commercial rivalry ended with the growth of the tragic slave trade. Indeed all 42 European castles and fortifications were used as dungeons for the millions that lost the lives or whose descendants compose the African diaspora today. These fortifications remain shrines to the memory of man’s humanity to man with the Cape Coast Castle becoming an official museum. All 42 forts and castles are recognized by USESCO as World Heritage Monuments.

Nature has been generous to Ghana. National Parks such as the rainforest of Kakum or the broad savannah of Mole are havens for indigenous flora and fauna. Ghana is a bird-watcher’s paradise and nature-lover’s delight. Forest walks captivate the senses as butterflies flit from flower to flower and shafts of sunlight illuminate tiny orchids and other native flowers. The variety of landscape is matched by striking seasonal and regional contrasts. The greens of the hillsides just after it rains, and the golds and ochres of the savannah in the dry season.

The cultural heritage of Ghana includes ancient artistry in fabrics with colourful and popular Ashanti Bonwire Kente cloth, now adopted as a focus of identity by many people of African descent the world over. Ancient terracotta work, traditional gold jewellery, Krobo beads, leather and straw products, woodcarvings of Ahwai-Ashanti. Colourful and traditional festivals are regularly held full of pomp and pageantry with Chiefs and Queen Mothers riding in lushly gilded palanquins.

Accra –the capital city

A vibrant city, and the commercial and political heart of Ghana, Accra is a modern gateway to one of Africa’s ancient lands. A rich blend of old and new, with its bustling markets full of bargains, a wide choice of hotels and restaurants and a pulsating nightlife, Accra is the hub of a perfect holiday.

Ghana Flights – British Airlines & Virigin Atlantic Non-Stop Flight to Accra, Ghana

This is exciting news for travelers to Ghana from United Kingdom. Now Virgin Atlantic has also started its direct operations to Accra Ghana, beginning from May 2010. Most of the Direct and Indirect flights Leave from Heathrow Airport , Terminal 3 & 4, While Some of the Indirect cheapest flights like Air Afriqiyah (Afriqiyah airways) Operates from London Gatwick Airport, Terminal South, Beside there are cheapest flights from Other International Airports of United Kingdom as well Like , Amsterdam, Bristol, Leeds, Bradford, Birmingham, Luton, London City Airport, New Castle Airport and other leading airports in UK. All these flights land in Beautiful City of Acca’s International airport Kotoka international Airport, Ghana’s Capital. Most of these cheapest flights do operate on daily basis, while some of indirect flights do limited weekly flights, but they do claim better deals and lowest fares in the market for Accra Destination. These Promotions Could start Event from £ 109 GBP + Taxes with some airlines.

This is excellent as it provides the needed competition on this profitable route for all airlines. Consumers now have a choice of flying from any Airport of UK, With lowest fares deals from all airlines, and its easy to get Compare to past.

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